Grupo de investigación RNM-177
Universidad de Sevilla
PAIDI. Junta de Andalucía

Ojeda Zújar J., Borgniet L., Pérez Romero AM., Loder J.: Monitoring Morphological Changes Along the Coast of Huelva (SW Spain) Using Soft-Copy Photogrammetry and GIS. Journal of Coastal Conservation. 2002; 8-0234: 1-8.

<h3 id=”authorab00101″ class=”secHeading”>Resumen</h3>
This contribution deals with the use of different sources of data (field surveys with total station and GPS, air photographs and topographic maps) as well as their integrated digital treatment in a GIS context to quantify the morphological changes in a ridge of coastal dunes in the southwest of Spain. The results show very high and increm enting rates of foredune retreat significant losses of foredune surface and a clear negative sedimentary balance (lowering and inland migration) in its recent evolution (1979–1996). Two processes can explain this evolution: (1) marine erosion and (2) the reactivation of aeolian deflation. The combined use of GPS (code/phase) and soft-copy photogrammetry seem to provide the best for monitoring future changes.