Grupo de investigación RNM-177
Universidad de Sevilla
PAIDI. Junta de Andalucía

Víctor Rodríguez Galiano

Profesor Titular
Teledetección y Machine Learning

Perfil de SISIUS · Curriculum Proyectos Publicaciones

Rodríguez Galiano VF., Chica Olmo M., Peluso F., Luque Espinar JA. A methodology for assessing public health risk associated with groundwater nitrate contamination: a case study in an agricultural setting (southern Spain). Environmental Geochemistry and Health. 2016;1-16.

Crabbe RA., Dash J., Rodríguez Galiano VF., Janous D., Pavelka M., Marek M. Extreme warm temperatures alter forest phenology and productivity in Europe. Science of The Total Environment. 2016; 563-564: 486-495.

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Coimbra R., Immenhauser A., Oloriz F., Rodríguez Galiano VF., Chica Olmo M. New insights into geochemical behaviour in ancient marine carbonates (Upper Jurassic Ammonitico Rosso): novel proxies for interpreting sea-level dynamics and palaeoceanography. Sedimentology. 2015; 62-1: 266-302.

Rodríguez Galiano VF., Sánchez Castillo M., Chica Olmo M., Chica Rivas M. Machine learning predictive models for mineral prospectivity: an evaluation of Neural Networks, Random Forest, Regression Trees and Support Vector machines. Ore Geology Reviews. 2015;71:804-818.

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