Research Group RNM-177
University of Seville
PAIDI. Junta de Andalucía

Welcome to GIS and Coast

Coastal Management and Territorial Information Technologies

  • The Research Group RNM-177 (Coastal Management and Territorial Information Technologies), has been working on a wide range of topics for more than 25 years:
  • We have researched on natural processes and environmental problems, such as natural hazards, climate change or land use characterisation and change among other geographical issues at local and global scales. The most common focus of our research has been the coastal zone, understood as a transition area between the continental and marine domains.
  • All the studies carried out by our group have in common the application of novel Geographic Information Technologies (GIT). The broad experience in the application of GIS in very different fields of research includes processes such as land surveys (by means of remote sensing, photogrammetry or LIDAR), modelling, geodatabase building and management, and data processing and spatial analysis; together with a wide range of dissemination strategies, ranging from the classical mapping to the use of the most advanced resources on WEB-mapping.