Research Group RNM-177
University of Seville
PAIDI. Junta de Andalucía

Litoral Viewer

The viewers have been designed and developed by Elimco Sistemas in collaboration with the University of Seville. They are implemented to facilitate the geo-visualization for technicians and general users of all the information stored in the “Subsistema de Litoral y Medio Marino” (SSLMM). Most of the information stored covers Andalusia region, although the viewers do also integrate the entire marine area adjacent to the North African coastline.



Condor Viewer 3D offers three different views: 2D, 2.5 D and interactive 3D flights. It has a touch screen interface, which allows intuitive selection of the layers and makes its visual integration easier, since the layers have predefined levels of transparency to be optimized. It also allows exporting the geographic data.


Additional functionalities using DEMs can be calculated on the fly: (i) hypsometric maps height computation; (ii) contour lines generation; (iii) plotting of shadow maps; (iv) slope computation; (v) terrain profiles extraction, integrating both, emerged and submerged sea-land areas; (vi) simulation and 3D visualization of sea level oscillations and bathymetric contours.


It also allows 2D / 3D visualization of the evolution of the artificial land uses for different dates and levels, implemented in a touch screen interface. The chance of incorporating all buildings from the Andalusian’s Coast topographic Map (scale 1: 5,000) as 3D objects facilitates the understanding of the complex interactions and uses along the coast and the preliminary assessment of urbanization and their visual impacts.


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